long time student at pham learning

With Kevin's tutoring, service, I was able to get ahead of my class, as well as catch up whenever I was behind. I built up good work habits while I was here, which allowed me to maintain my 90% average throughout high school. I am very thankful for being here. Without this, I would have been a lazy student who wouldn't take school seriously, and I wouldn't gotten into the University of Waterloo with a mid 90 average.  I recommend Pham Learning to all students who need help or want to get ahead in school.

-Student since Grade 5

pham learning student

Pham Learning Center has helped me improve my grades. The tutors are nice and easy to get along with. They are great at explaining and teaching the things that I don't understand, as well as helping me understand and correct the mistakes I've made on tests and examinations. The class sizes are small and make it easier for the students and tutors to interact and take care of problems. I've benefited greatly from the learning center. It is a great place to send your child to receive tutoring.


This is the only tutoring service I've been to but I enjoy it a lot. Tutors are easy to get along with and some students are friendly once you get to know them. They give lots of homework, giving enough material to practice with, and also teach subjects in advance to prepare for in school. The amount of people they group together with is small, making it easier to focus and have more one-on-one's with tutors, therefore making it easier to understand the material that I have been given. My grades have improved immensely ever since I started going. I definitely recommend this service.


After staring tutoring here I came 1st in my school for the Caribou contest. I really like my tutor. He is friendly and knowledgeable. The environment is very clean and I have fun learning here.