About Us


We are a group of professional individuals with different educational backgrounds and talents.


We have a strong desire to contribute to your children's education and relentless passion to teach and pass on the flame of learning to our students.


We are not just a tutoring centre but a community of energetic teachers and continuing learners that aim for success and yearns nothing less but the best.

Our founder, Kevin Pham, is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) and Master of Teaching graduate from the University of Toronto (OISE). He pursued a career in education because he believes in making a positive difference in a student's education and helping them discover their greatest potential. He has been tutoring for more than 11 years and is well versed with the Ontario curriculum.  He started tutoring while going to school and volunteering to help students that needed help. Eventually through word-of-mouth, he gained popularity and opened a small office on a quiet street to tutor students in the neighbourhood. Over many years of dedication and commitment to education, he opened a larger centre on the main intersection of Jane and Finch to serve a wider range of students from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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Mr.Pham's dedication to student's overall success has impacted many students greatly as he often teach students the skills they need to reach their full potential in the real world. Academic alone isn't enough but the overall philosophy and attitude toward continuing education in various aspects of life is important. We value building and maintaining a positive relationship with our students and parents. We strive to do our best everyday to make a difference one small step at a time.

When asked what it means to be a teacher in his first year of Master of Teaching Program, Mr.Pham gave an analogy of an apple tree to represent the journey of a student . As the fragile apple tree grows and deepens its roots into the earth, it represents a student in the early stages of learning. The farmer as a feducairy, conscientious teacher supporting and grooming the tree so it could grow strong and tall. As the tree grows stronger with time , it branches out reaching as far as it could. Then it blooms flowers for the world to see its beauty and eventually bear fruits that contribute to the world. Those fruits are the product of the student's education. Bringing their talents and skills to benefit the community and the world around them. As the fruit travels around the world, reaching various parts of the Earth, the seeds fall into the ground and sprout another apple tree repeating the cycle of the work of a teacher.

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